Xbox is Getting Discord Voice Chat Support

The latest update for Xbox Insiders adds Discord support for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

This makes it possible to interact with players on PC and mobile via Discord to communicate. Just like in the PC software, players can start a conversation, see who is participating, adjust the volume, and switch between Discord and Xbox Game Chat.

Xbox Insider members – Microsoft’s testing program – can participate in several ways. For example, under ‘Party and Chat’ it is possible to log in to a Discord account via a QR code and players can access their Xbox account via Discord.

Discord is one of the largest communities that allows you to contact individuals from all around the world via SMS and voice chat. Discord is immensely popular among “Gamers” because it is their preferred method of communication, for example, during a Warzone match or on a Minecraft SMP server. One of the best benefits provided by Discord is its limitless server formation options.

Now that Discord is available on Xbox, it will be easier for players to communicate with their online buddies. The connection is also a positive development for multiplayer games with significant Discord communities.

Xbox Insiders can try Discord by downloading the app. In the ‘coming weeks’, Microsoft will roll out support to more users.

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