Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Could Be a Game Changer

Even while Xbox Game Pass is already quite popular, the upcoming launch of a family plan may increase demand for the plan.

It is no mystery why the enormously well-liked Xbox Game Pass plan has been one of Microsoft’s most effective gaming tools in recent years. The monthly service attracts a sizable audience of paying clients by providing a broad selection of games at an affordable price.

The Xbox Game Pass plan is already well-known for the value it provides, but it’s soon going to be even more affordable. The Xbox Game Pass may further establish itself as one of the most well-liked subscription services in the market with the release of family plan subscriptions that allow several persons to be covered by a single payment package.

The Success Of the Xbox Game Pass Service

The Game Pass plan, which debuted back in 2017, has steadily built up a wide selection of games and benefits that fans can take advantage of. Xbox Game Pass contains over 300 titles and offers a special collection of PC-only games in addition to the increasingly popular Cloud Gaming feature.

By 2021, Xbox Game Pass will have more than 30 million monthly customers, which essentially speaks for itself in terms of the level of success the service has brought Microsoft. More recently, the Game Pass service has started adding well-known games, or “day one” titles, to its library when they are released, helped by the current wave of very high-profile studio acquisitions that Microsoft has been making.

Membership to EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, and a bevy of in-game advantages for a variety of Game Pass games are additional benefits of the Xbox Game Pass plan. Despite its substantial level of prior success, Xbox Game Pass seeks to increase the value of the plan by introducing family subscriptions.

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Xbox Game Pass Family Plans

One of the main tenets of popular streaming services like Netflix is the idea of sharing a subscription-based service with a small number of friends or family members. Family plans, though, are a bit of an anomaly in the world of video game subscription services. In contrast to competitors like PlayStation Plus, Nintendo’s family plan for Nintendo Switch Online allows up to eight accounts to be covered by a single payment.

By offering the same amount of game selection as PlayStation Plus and the same degree of family accessibility as Nintendo Switch Online at the same time, Game Pass will likely be the highest value and most distinctive gaming subscription service if family plans are introduced. Family plans for Xbox Game Pass have been the subject of persistent rumors since March, and they have now attained a new level of significance in the gaming community. Up to five gamers will apparently be able to subscribe to Game Pass through Xbox’s family plans, significantly increasing the value over five separate subscriptions.

Family plan subscriptions for Xbox Game Pass are presently being tested in Ireland and Colombia through the Xbox Insider plan, showing that Microsoft is still learning how well-liked this type of subscription might be among gamers. Players may soon be able to test the subscription for themselves because it is anticipated that the family plan’s testing areas will grow over time. It seems likely that a family plan membership option for Xbox Game Pass will be enormously popular given the service’s already established and huge customer base as well as the increasingly alluring assortment of games it boasts.

How Will Xbox Game Pass’ Family Plan Work?

Quality gaming experiences are still available through Xbox Game Pass. With the introduction of the Game Pass Ultimate tier, Game Pass has expanded its renowned catalog with new features in addition to the continual addition of new titles. Beyond including free DLC and free trials of services like Marvel Unlimited and Disney+, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play subscriptions are also bundled with Game Pass in Ultimate. Despite all of this, Microsoft is currently trying a new method of enhancing the value of Game Pass memberships.

The newest Game Pass upgrade doesn’t bring any new material to the service. Microsoft is instead introducing a feature that will improve Game Pass’ pricing and accessibility. In Colombia and Ireland, a family package that enables many accounts to share a single Game Pass subscription is currently being explored. Here is what is currently known about the family plan’s beta version and what it implies for Game Pass customers throughout the world when it is implemented.

With the Game Pass family plan, users may split a single Game Pass Ultimate subscription and all of its advantages among up to four additional persons. The only restriction is that all four participants must be from the same nation. This service does not allow for online gaming with friends and family who are located abroad. The family plan’s main benefit, as its name implies, is that it allows families to play Game Pass titles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge together without having to purchase individual memberships.

Additionally, the Columbian and Irish Game Pass users testing the family plan are not constrained to a single platform. The family plan “makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with friends and family across console, PC, and cloud…,” according to Senior Technical Program Manager Tyler Mittleider, Sr. in a post on Each additional family member is granted “their own unique access” to Game Pass. Players are thus free to choose games outside of the primary account’s game collection. If a player receives an invitation to join from a Halo enthusiast but prefers to play relaxing games instead, they are welcome to do so.

According to information from the test areas, the family subscription plan will be a new Game Pass tier. Microsoft hasn’t yet disclosed pricing. According to speculation based on its price in Ireland, it will cost $24.99 per month or $5 per player. When players upgrade, the remaining time on their current Game Pass plan will be converted. Mittleider, Sr. uses the conversion of a full month of Game Pass Ultimate to 18 days of family plan membership. Players who switch over must wait until the family plan expires before switching back to a different plan. Only the primary account holder is eligible for the conversion offer; those they invite to join their plan are not included.

Even with its current flaws, Game Pass faces competition from Sony’s updated version of PlayStation Plus. Microsoft should be able to maintain Game Pass’ popularity and avoid the criticism PlayStation Plus’ Premium tier has received by introducing a new tier based on a user-friendly feature like the family plan. Why Microsoft is launching this additional tier to Game Pass may be explained by the fact that the family plan will help Microsoft increase subscriber numbers that may be declining as a result of the delays of games like Starfield. At a time when many people’s disposable budget is limited, allowing friends and family to enjoy Game Pass together is admirable.

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