Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler Leaves Riot For Bungie

Valorant, a highly popular hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, just lost one of its most prominent figures. Joseph Ziegler, game director at Valorant since its launch in June 2020, has left Riot Games to join Bungie, the developer behind the popular MMO first-person shooter Destiny 2.

Ziegler took to Twitter to announce his departure from Riot Games and his new role at Bungie, stating that he will be “working on new stuff that hopefully will one day get to be played by you all.” He has not yet revealed what project he will be working on, but some speculate that it could be related to Bungie’s highly anticipated Project Matter or a revival of Marathon.

He joined Riot Games back in 2010 as a game designer and eventually rose to the position of game director for Valorant. During his time as director, he was credited with coming up with the concept for the game, which quickly became one of the most popular competitive shooters in recent memory.

His move to Bungie could be a strong indication that the studio’s new multiplayer title is moving forward with its development cycle. Several job postings from Bungie have hinted at a new multiplayer action game, seemingly with MMO, F2P, and mobile elements.

His new role at Bungie is listed as game director on his LinkedIn profile, but what exactly he’ll be working on has yet to be seen. It could be something related to the studio’s upcoming MMO project or even a revival of their Marathon series.

Ziegler’s experience as a game director likely means he will have an important role in the development of this upcoming title. With him now on board, fans of Bungie and Valorant alike can look forward to the release of this new game in the future.

Joe Ziegler’s departure from Riot Games has left a gap for him to fill in the world of Valorant, and now we wait to see what he will bring to Bungie.

Valorant was released in the summer of 2020, with the aim of making tactical shooters and esports more accessible to new players while also creating a game that would attract a large competitive scene. It has since become one of Riot Game’s most successful titles and is played by millions of gamers worldwide.

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