Three Games Are Confirmed For Xbox Game Pass In August 2022

It’s mid-July and some of the new games on Game Pass have yet to be released, but cautiously, eyes are already turning to the coming month. What games will be added to the service in August? While most of the new games are still unknown, we already know some games will be coming to Game Pass soon. We are already going through those games.

Confirmed Xbox Game Pass Games for August 2022

The Xbox Game Pass August 2022 free games are as follows:

  • Turbo Golf Racing – August 4 (Console, PC)
  • Two Point Campus – August 9 (Console, PC)
  • Midnight Fight Express – August 23 (Console, PC)

Turbo Golf Racing – August 4

Golf and racing in one title? That is quite special, especially if it is not a brand of German origin. Turbo Golf Racing is a bit like Rocket League, but with golf instead of football. The aim is to complete a course with your buggy and an oversized golf ball in order to get your ball into the hole as quickly as possible.

Along the way, you will encounter all the known golf obstacles, including water troughs, sand, and trees. You compete against up to 7 others who are racing over the same course with their own ball at the same time. In contrast to Rocket League, it is now no longer a team against the team on a standard playing field, but an individual and a longer course. Furthermore, the gameplay is very recognizable: the buggies can still bounce in all directions and perform antics and you can still hinder your opponent by bouncing their ball the other way.

Two Point Campus – August 9

This game is the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, the illustrious game of Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux. Bullfrog is no more, but luckily we do have this Two Point successor with largely the same ideas and humor. That’s not surprising, the game was made by the same two people who were also at the cradle of Theme Hospital!

The idea is that you run a hospital and make it suitable for diagnosing and curing the most bizarre diseases. Most diseases need their own treatment, so expansion is always necessary. You also have to keep your hospital clean and your staff happy.

The game has been a huge success and has been very well received. From 9 August we can get started with the successor Two Point Campus. This is immediately free to play for Game Pass subscribers.

Midnight Fight Express – August 23

This game is a true indie game: made by just one person. You can’t see that, the game looks beautiful and seems to play away wonderfully. The game plays like a top-down isometric brawler and features some pretty brutal finishers. Although not much is known about this game yet, it certainly caught our attention and we can’t wait to start making the train from the trailer unsafe. We can’t wait to see if this game plays as well as it looks!

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