PowerWash Simulator Devs Recommend Not Looking At The Sun

PowerWash Simulator players have lately noticed a game-crashing bug, and while creator FuturLab has promised that a patch to solve it should arrive shortly, the simplest cure for the issue is to avoid staring at the in-game sun. As a general rule of thumb, this is an excellent piece of advice to follow in the real world.

It specifically concerns the Xbox version of the game and when one plays the multiplayer. When people look into the sun, the game may crash – caused by the lens flare technology in the game.

Developer FuturLab has announced via social media that it is working on a patch that will hopefully be released at the end of this week. Until then, players are advised not to look directly at the sun in the game while moving.

Powerwash Simulator was released last week on PC and Xbox – including Xbox Game Pass – after the game was playable as an Early Access game via Steam for a while. In the game, players can use a pressure washer to clean all kinds of objects.

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