Pokémon Fans Should Give These 5 Android Games a Chance

Pokémon is one of the most successful and popular video game franchises in history. The original games were released about 30 years ago. Hundreds of games have been reviewed in the meantime. The selection is particularly large on Android.

Without a doubt, Pokémon Go is the most successful game in the series. In a short period of time, the Android game surpassed one billion downloads, and cities or towns with a large number of Pokémon became tourist destinations. The Pokémon series has a lot more to offer.

You Don’t Want to Miss These Five Pokémon Games For Android

Play Pokémon as you’ve never played before! All of the Android games listed below have been thoroughly tested and are all free. Every gamer will find something to their liking. Whether you’re a regular or infrequent user.

1. Magikarp Jump

One of the latest Android games on this list is Magikarp Jump. It’s a lighthearted game that’s great for while you’re bored. It is your responsibility to turn the Magikarp into a high jumper. After that, you compete with other gamers. The idea is to make him flop higher than the Magikarp of your opponent. It may appear simple, but it is not. To grow a Pokémon stronger, you must feed it, train it, and allow it to participate in numerous competitions.


2. Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home isn’t a game in the technical sense. It’s more of a complement to other Android games. The application acts as a sort of database, allowing you to send and transfer Pokémon between games. This is the app to use if you have a Pokémon from Alpha Sapphire that you wish to use in Sword of Shield. It also includes a Pokédex to keep track of your overall progress. You can even send “Mystery Gifts” to other players through the app. The annual fee for the service is less than fifteen euros.

Developer: ILCA

3. Pokémon Masters

In this game, you compete in three-on-three battles with all of your Pokémon at the same time as other trainers. DeNA, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy Record Keeper, is behind the game. As a result, the creators know how to create a good free Pokémon game. Trainers from all of the Pokémon games are included, as well as a variety of multiplayer options. It’s fresh new, and it’s far from ideal. Nonetheless, the game is well worth your time.

Developer: DeNA

4. Pokémon Quest

One of the few Android games that can be played on several platforms is Pokémon Quest. There is a smartphone version as well as a Nintendo Switch version of the game. Your purpose stays roughly the same, even now you see the Pokémon world in cubes. You capture Pokémon, train them, and battle other players. There is also a campsite where you can set up your own camp according to your preferences. As a result, you are unlikely to become bored.

Developer: Game Freak

5. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Have you ever dreamed about playing Candy Crush with a Pokémon sauce? Then this is your opportunity! Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is pretty much what you’d expect from the candy-themed game. To assault your opponent, you must match a large number of characters. You can launch a more powerful attack if you unite more than three of the same characters together. Because the game is simple to play, you can quickly progress through the stages. The Android game, on the other hand, is not as comprehensive as the other games on this list.

Developer: Genius Sonority

Which one is your top pick? Please share your thoughts in the comment box provided below.

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