Nvidia Removing GameStream Support From Shield Devices

Nvidia has recently announced that they will be removing GameStream support from their Shield devices. GameStream was a feature used to stream PC games to Nvidia Shield devices, and it has been around for a decade.

Nvidia is removing its popular GameStream feature from its Shield devices, leaving many users in the lurch. GameStream has been a mainstay on Nvidia Shield devices since they were first released, allowing users to stream PC games up to 60fps and in 4K resolution.

The update due in mid-February will remove the GameStream feature after nearly 10 years of use. This turn of events is sure to disappoint many Shield owners, who relied on the service for their gaming needs. Fortunately, Nvidia has recommended alternatives for those who will miss the GameStream features.

Steam Link is one of the options that Nvidia suggests as a replacement for GameStream. It operates in the same way, including 4K resolution streaming, but requires users to install the Steam Link app on their device.

For those who want something a bit more than what GameStream had to offer, GeForce Now offers cloud gaming services, though you’ll have to subscribe to get access to 4K streaming and high frame rates.

Though GameStream will be removed in February, it may still be possible to keep access to the feature if users refuse to install the update that brings its removal. However, Nvidia has warned that the feature will eventually stop working if the update is not installed.

In the end, it looks like Nvidia is determined to completely remove GameStream from its Shield devices and replace it with Steam Link and GeForce Now. Though it’s a shame to see such a useful feature go, at least Nvidia is offering alternatives that should make up for the loss.

What is Nvidia GameStream

Nvidia GameStream is a technology pioneered by Nvidia which allows gamers to stream their games from a PC to devices like SHIELD TV or SHIELD Tablet. This streaming technology enables gamers to take advantage of the increased processing power of their PCs for improved visuals, faster loading times, and lag-free gameplay – across all compatible devices.

With Nvidia GameStream, gamers can play their favorite titles on any device in an amazing HD picture quality with rich audio and low latency control over the network while still using their dedicated GPU exclusively for rendering on their gaming PC. This streaming protocol supports up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections depending on how much bandwidth the user opts for – perfect for big-screen TVs and projectors. Streaming availability has been extended outside local networks too; now you can even connect your clients remotely giving more flexibility than ever before.

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