MultiVersus Is Working On A Big Overhaul Of Its Hitboxes

MultiVersus’ hitbox system will be overhauled sometime in the future.

In its early access period, MultiVersus is having a lot of success, but it also has its fair share of problems. Players say that one of the biggest problems is that some characters’ hitboxes aren’t working right. Some fighters aren’t getting hit when they should, and others are doing damage and hitting players far away from where their attack is landing.

On Twitter, a player asked Tony Huynh if Finn will be made less powerful in the game in the near future. Huynh responded with the comment that this will happen, but that the team is also working on a general adjustment of the hitbox system.

Hitboxes are invisible grids that surround a character’s attack, which determines the exact range of the attack. Characters also have hurtboxes. When the hitbox and hurtbox overlap, the character taking the attack takes damage. This listens very precisely because a hitbox that is not precise can spoil the gameplay and make situations feel unfair.

It is unknown whether the changes to the hitbox system will make it easier or harder to hit opponents in the game.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the first season of MultiVersus has been postponed. That first season was supposed to start on August 9, but that is canceled. That means the character Morty will also be added at a later date.

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