Mario Strikers: Battle League is Getting Daisy & Shy Guy This Week

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football received a lot of criticism, especially for its lack of content. The first in a series of free upgrades for the game will be released tomorrow, and Nintendo has previously stated that this will be the case.

On Thursday, July 21, Mario Strikers: Battle League will receive its first significant update, which includes a fair amount of new content such as two new characters, a new gear set, and a new stadium.

Nintendo confirmed the release date of Mario Strikers: Battle League’s first free update in a new YouTube video. The free update will be available on July 21, 2022, according to the release. Daisy and Shy Guy will be joining the playable roster, providing players with more options for their squad. Daisy will be a technique-heavy player who relies on talent and deception to put the ball in the goal. Meanwhile, Shy Guy is a well-balanced all-arounder that will benefit from good equipment.

More will be added to Mario Strikers: Battle League in its first update. The new Knight gear set comes first. This set enhances strength stats significantly, as well as shooting and passing stats slightly, but at the expense of speed and technique. Finally, the Desert Ruins will provide gamers with a new arena in which to compete. As you kick around in the sands, you’ll be surrounded by an arid backdrop of rich old ruins.

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