Escape from Tarkov Arena Is a New ‘Standalone’ FPS

Developer Battlestate Games announced a spin-off called Escape From Tarkov Arena.

Escape From Tarkov Arena has been announced with a trailer, and developer Battlestate explains what the project entails in the video description on YouTube. “Escape From Tarkov Arena is a standalone game project,” it reads, “a session-based first-person shooter for PC, featuring all the familiar and beloved hardcore game mechanics from Escape From Tarkov.”

“Players will participate in gladiator fights in various arenas in the city of Tarkov, organized by a mysterious group called the Arena Masters, led by the Host.” Battlestate says players must compete against other players as well as NPCs (“PvP and PvE game modes).

The arena will feature a ranking system, and players will be able to unlock weapons and gear. Escape From Tarkov players will receive exclusive bonuses, including the ability to play with their own character from that shooter.

Owners of the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape From Tarkov will receive free access to Arena as DLC. Other users will have to purchase the game, which does not require the base game Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Arena will be tested privately in the autumn of this year. It is still unclear how to access it.

Battlestate Games, the creators of Escape from Tarkov, said on Friday that the arena mode that fans have been anticipating is a “standalone game project.”

The spin-off, dubbed Escape from Tarkov Arena, will play similarly to the original Escape from Tarkov game, but instead of high-stakes looting and extraction, it will focus on “gladiatorial” combat in arenas scattered across Tarkov, according to the developers.

The notion is simple: people appreciate Escape from Tarkov, therefore let’s check if the film’s shooting works in a different, more compact style.

But it isn’t just a deathmatch game. The arena will have both PvP and PvE modes, a progression system with “weapon and equip unlocks,” and the ability for Escape from Tarkov owners to play as their primary profile characters, according to Battlestate.

New and existing purchasers of Escape from Tarkov’s $140 Edge of Darkness pack are guaranteed free access to any future DLC, including this, so they won’t have to pay anything extra. The arena will be paid DLC for owners of the other Escape from Tarkov editions. According to Battlestate, it will also be offered as a stand-alone game.

“Escape from Tarkov Arena is a standalone game project,” according to the studio, “a session-based multiplayer first-person shooter for PC with all the known and beloved Escape from Tarkov tough game features.”

The difference is a little hazy, especially since Escape From Tarkov (opens in a new tab) hasn’t officially “launched,” hence Edge of Darkness and the other editions are still being offered as “preorders.” So you can “preorder” a game (which you can play right now) and get an upcoming spin-off of that game as DLC (although it’s a standalone game) with your preorder, most likely before the original game has officially arrived. In 2022, video games are all that exists. Accepting it and moving on is the best option. The idea is that it’s obviously more than a new mode.

Escape from Tarkov Arena will not be released for a while, and Battlestate hasn’t specified how much it will cost as DLC or as a standalone game. Closed beta testing is set to begin in the fall.

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