Best GTA RP Servers And How to Join Them in 2022

The multiplayer mode of GTA is a great place to get together with friends. The possibilities are boundless, and even a little bit of creativity can dramatically alter the multiplayer experience in GTA V.

After finishing the story mode in GTA V, roleplaying is one of the most entertaining modes to play. Since it’s been much-liked by Twitch streamers as well, some gamers even purchase the game purely for the RP experience. Everyone will want to participate in an RP session with their favorite streamer, but to stay, you’ll need to channel your inner Di Caprio.

To go with the flow, you’ll need to act passionately. The majority of GTA RP servers have their own set of guidelines that you must follow. Going rogue could get you kicked off the servers or blacklisted, and the best servers are already more difficult to get into.

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What is GTA Roleplay?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) roleplay is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of the game. When a player enters one of the user-created GTA RP servers, they assume the shape of a standard NPC, which can be customized in a variety of ways.

The level of GTA roleplaying varies on every server. Some GTA RP servers are totally dedicated to hard-core roleplaying, which means that players who inquire about how to access the game’s menus or the button that corresponds to action are breaking the rules. Others are somewhat less stringent.

What is a GTA RP Server?

RP represents Role Playing. As the name implies, a GTA V RP server is a multiplayer server where roleplaying can occur. Specifically, you can assume the roles of NPCs such as a police officer, medical professional, or shop clerk. Or, if you prefer the criminal lifestyle, you can remain a criminal. This is made possible by the modder community.

Each GTA TP server has its own set of rules. Some enable you to do everything you want, while others want you to follow the rules in order to increase immersion for everyone. Before going on a killing spree in such a server, be careful to check with the moderators and chat room. If not, you will be banned from the server.

Other GTA RP servers continue to emphasize criminality. On specific servers, you can join criminal factions. Comparable to the gang warfare system from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Some GTA RP servers are also still well-integrated with the normal GTA Online server, allowing you to play games such as the Cayo Perico heist that Rockstar has given.

Whatever your preference, the GTA RP servers provide a variety of activities. Enough to keep us entertained till the release of the next GTA game. This is fantastic, as the next installment of the GTA series will not be released for at least two years.

How to Join a GTA RP Server?

It requires effort to join and keep your status on a GTA RP server. The majority of servers will require you to fill out an application and read a set of rules; TwitchRP’s rulebook may be viewed by clicking here. Once your application has been accepted, you will be placed in a queue where your priority will be determined by how well you adhere to the guidelines.

You’ll have to jump through a few hoops, but it appears to be a necessary precaution to prevent each server from crashing or from admitting players who would ruin the enjoyment.

What You Should Consider When Choosing a GTA RP Server?

There are many different RP servers with their own set of rules that you should abide by. As a beginner, avoid the hardcore RP servers. They are intended exclusively for experienced players who are familiar with the general rules of roleplaying. Errors and mistakes are neither welcomed nor tolerated on hardcore servers.

On beginner-friendly servers, you will learn the roleplaying game under much easier conditions. Nevertheless, you should read through the individual rules before you join any server. Breaking the rules is punished more leniently there, but you should still make an effort to act as compliantly as possible for your own well-being and that of other players.

What are FiveM and RageM?

Most GTA RP servers run on third-party software like FiveM or RageMP. Unlike GTA Online, they include relevant and customized multiplayer mods that are already designed for multiplayer play. With a bit of programming experience, you can even customize it on the server side and integrate your own mods. This also includes additional content such as car brands, skins, items of clothing, or entire new maps.

You can also use graphic mods that are officially banned in GTA Online. Thanks to FiveM and RageMP each server can stand out from the crowd with individual content.

Hacking in the game is not possible. In addition, unwanted content such as flying cars or motorcycles can be easily blocked.

The Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2022

#1 NoPixel

NoPixel is the most well-known GTA RP server, and it has been running for a while. Whenever they release a big update, players want to join the fun and give it a try. The Rage MP client can be used to connect to the server.

Players on NoPixel can choose from 200 server slots, but it’s hard to get accepted and put on the whitelist. Before joining, you have to give money and go through a hard application process. Only 32 people can play NoPixel at the same time.

On the server are popular streamers like xQc, Sykkuno, and Summit1g.

Since NoPixel 3.0 came out, the most popular game on Twitch has been GTA RP, which has jobs like police officers, garbage collectors, and more.

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#2 Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is another famous GTA RP server with a huge waiting list. As in NoPixel, there are several ways to earn money, spend it, and have a great RP experience.

It has a massive server capacity as well as a dedicated forum and Discord server where gamers can interact.

This server may host up to 200 people at any given time. One of its more fantastic features is the forum area, which openly lays out a myriad of crime factions for gamers to join, ranging from the Los Santos Irish Mob to The Clowns. There are additional job opportunities for Los Santos Customs and Los Santos Medical Services.

#3 GTA World RP

This server is unique in that it is entirely text-based, allowing individuals who feel uncomfortable conversing with strangers to participate in GTA RP.

GTA World, like the others, includes a sign-up process, and the website claims to have 500 members right now.

The server has a lot of substance since, like other servers, people can interact with businesses, and factions, and personalize things to their hearts’ delight.

GTA World is offered through Rage rather than FiveM and, like the others, contains a forum and a Discord server.

#4 MafiaCity RP

The MafiaCity server, which has been in development for several years, is now accessible for registration. It contains a “dynamic” legal and illegal group system, player businesses and organizations that can be formed, and all properties for sale. It is distinct from the others in several ways.

For one thing, it’s run in Rage mode rather than FiveM, thus no NPCs are necessary. This promotes player involvement while also generating an immersive roleplaying atmosphere.

Furthermore, when it comes to roles, the possibilities are limitless. A player can be a terrible criminal as well as a cop, a firefighter, or a simple vehicle mechanic.

Players only need to download the Rage mod to join the server from their website.

#5 Family RP

The most serious roleplaying server on our list is Family RP. This server’s role-playing component is quite engaging, which is why they have a lengthy application procedure with a poor approval rate.

A subset of individuals who are dissatisfied with the roleplaying component on other servers should apply to Family RP, where they are guaranteed to have a positive experience.

The fact that the developers were able to go beyond the roles notion to give a genuinely customizable environment for the user to explore at his leisure has resulted in the server being one of the most watched GTA RP servers at the moment.

#6 LucidCityRP

If you’re searching for something a little more open and wild, LucidCity might be a good option.

The server integrates many NoPixel features, as well as a few of their own, and even Cayo Perico from the standard GTA Online game. You should, like the others, join their forum and Discord and introduce yourself before starting on a crime spree.

Other GTA RP Servers

You can actually join a lot of different GTA RP servers. You will discover a list of RP servers available after installing FiveM. All you need to do is choose one where you may participate. If you happen to be playing with an inexperienced person, this does mean that because these servers are frequently less monitored, things could get out of hand very quickly.

Nevertheless, on these GTA RP servers, you can develop your roleplaying abilities. So you’ll be prepared to play with the big guys when you’re allowed to join the large servers. And who knows, among these lesser servers you might just stumble upon a hidden treasure.

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