All 25 Snowmen Locations in GTA Online: Map, List and Rewards

GTA Online is one of the most popular online video games, and it just recently released a massive winter update called the Los Santos Drug Wars. This update includes a new collectible challenge which requires you to track down and destroy 25 Snowmen scattered across the map of Los Santos. Doing so will reward you with a unique $125,000, 25,000 RP, and a special Snowman outfit.

In this GTA Online guide, you will find out where to find all 25 Snowmen and what rewards await you after completing the mission.

GTA Online Snowmen Locations And Map

If you want to try your hand at finding all 25 Snowmen in GTA Online, then don’t worry. We have a map to help you out. There are several interactive maps on GTAWeb, where you can literally tick off the collectibles as you find them. You can also use our list of locations to help you out if you prefer.

The Snowmen can be found in various locations around the map, from Chamberlain Hills to Sandy Shores and everywhere in between. To make sure you don’t miss a single one, it may be worth consulting an interactive map on GTAWeb, which will allow you to tick off each collectible as you locate them.

All 25 Snowman Locations in GTA 5 Online

There are a total of 25 Snowmen located throughout Los Santos in GTA Online.

  • Snowman Location 1: Chamberlain Hills
  • Snowman Location 2: Aguja St (Vespucci Canals)
  • Snowman Location 3: El Burro Heights
  • Snowman Location 4: Vespucci Canals
  • Snowman Location 5: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 6: Legion Square
  • Snowman Location 7: Hawick
  • Snowman Location 8: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 9: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 10: Banham Canyon (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 11: Rockford Hills
  • Snowman Location 12: Banham Canyon
  • Snowman Location 13: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 14: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 15: Tongva Valley
  • Snowman Location 16: Sandy Shores
  • Snowman Location 17: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 18: Grapeseed
  • Snowman Location 19: Mount Gordo
  • Snowman Location 20: Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 21: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 22: Paleto Bay
  • Snowman Location 23: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Snowman Location 24: Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  • Snowman Location 25: Grand Senora Desert

All 25 Snowman Locations On A Map

GTA Online Snowmen Rewards

Snowmen can be easily identified by the sound of jingling bells throughout the map. When you come across a Snowman, you’ll need to destroy it either by ramming with a car or blowing it up. Destroying each Snowman will earn you $5,000 and 1,000 RP. Once all 25 Snowmen are destroyed, you’ll receive a $125,000 bonus deposited into your Maze Bank account, 25,000 RP, and the Snowman outfit. Be warned though, as there’s a bug where sometimes destroying a snowman won’t register. If this happens, you’ll have to leave the area and come back for it to respawn.

So if you want to complete the challenge and unlock the Snowman outfit in GTA Online, then get hunting and make sure you destroy every Snowman you find. And if you need any help or extra information, then be sure to check out our GTA Online Snowmen guide.

Good luck with your hunt and happy collecting!

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